Folding Shower Doors

Folding Shower Doors

Folding shower doors can be fitted in an alcove shower cubicle or in a corner. This minimizes the amount of space needed whilst still providing you with an adequate area in which giving you a revitalising shower. These doors are perfect for space saving as they don’t require any extra floor space for the door to swing out (as with hinged doors) so they are optimal for smaller bathroom suites or family bathroom suites with lots of features .You can use the shower doors easily as they have 2 or more panels and you can open it either outward or inward of your shower cubicle. You can protect water from dripping onto the floor by using bifold doors. You can also install folding shower screens above a bathtub or on shower stall.

One of the biggest advantages you’ll get with these folding bath screens is their adaptability —you can fold them and tuck them away when they’re not in use, therefore maintaining your bathroom area more spacious and more accessible.

An additional benefit for installing folding shower door in your  bathroom is wheelchair accessible.  Obstacle – free living is possible with this type of door assembled because it provides complete access to the shower.  This makes life so much easier.  Even if you are not wheelchair bound, and simply want to open up the area to make sure that no one trips and falls, barrier – free alternatives are great for everyone, especially for the family with kids.

Folding bath screens can come in a wide range of materials to pick from. Screens made of tempered glass panels are a lot more sturdy and can withstand the constant variations of heat and humidity. And when it happens to the panel frames, shower panels with metal frames are also the easiest to clean requiring fewer maintenance compared to those made of plastic materials. You ought to look for the top quality of the material that has been used for making the door prior buying any of them.

If you wish to add a touch of luxury in your bathroom, you can opt for the folding bath doors. Folding bath doors are a little bit expensive than the ordinary shower screens. However, there are still many stores might offer you luxurious folding bath doors at a reasonable price.

Doors Materials

With all the shower door materials available in the market today, you can select any design and feel that match your preference and budget. Acrylic panel is a plastic panel which is much lighter in weight as compared to glass. It can be fitted onto almost any type of finished surface (tiling, plasterboard etc).  It comes with solid colors and is the cheapest among other materials. Glass shower doors are mostly used by majority. Look absolutely clean and elegant, can brighten up your bathroom. Your glass type could be frosted, colour laminated or heavy glass that come in a variety of thickness. Of course by choosing glasses for your folding shower screen, you can always opt for framed or frameless.

Maintaining Acrylic Folding Shower Doors

Modern acrylic/plastic shower doors are never pricey and may serve the homeowner for years. However, they have one small but a very annoying feature – they end up being soiled with dirt, foam residue, oils from body, chemicals and other things very fast. To keep these doors tidy is not complicated if you know how you can do. The simplest plastic shower doors cleaning process is as follows.

You will require white vinegar, dish soap and an empty spray bottle. Pour ot 1/3 or 1/4 of vinegar, 2-3 tbsps of dish soap into the bottle and add water to fill it full. Shake a bit. The solution you have got is the best stuff to clean any plastic folding shower panels or the doors of the other type. You could spray the solution over the door and wipe it with a soft cloth and see how the tracks of dirt come off your bathroom door. They will last long if you take care about this cheap and easy in installation stuff.

Folding Shower Screens Over Bath

Folding Shower Screens Over Bath

Screens for baths fit along the top edge of one side of the bath called bath screens .I personally not fancy shower curtains and I cannot count the number of times water has dripped all over the bathroom floor because the bottom of the curtain wasn’t in the bath while somebody in the house showered.

It’s pretty annoying and I can think of nothing worse than having to mop the floor every single time you’ve had a shower. Never mind shower curtains eventually use, they grow mould and just look shabby and in a year where we are all trying to keep the glamorous look in our bathrooms, let’s face it, shower curtains don’t make the grade.

By adding folding shower screens over bath to your bathroom design not only offers convenience, yet they look amazing. The clear glass enables the light to flow through the room as we all know a brighter bathroom feels much bigger than it is.

The shower screens are easy to clean, way too easier than a shower curtain. All you have to do is mix some vinegar with water, spray it on the shower screen and wipe it off. This is why shower screens have become such a popular option allowing your family to enjoy a bath when they want it and a shower if they prefer. Furthermore, it is easier if you need to get children in and out of the bathtub. These over bath shower screens folds away against the wall when not in use so they will keep your bathroom tidy and neat. The folding designs are stylish and cool, they also assist you maximise your bathroom space as they fold open and closed with a concertina effect in towards the shower, so you don’t have to worry that you have any obstacles in the way.

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